Node Tree

Here some Details behind “Offset”, “Contrast”, “Saturation”, “LGG” (Lift Gamma Gain)

If you see a Node labled as “Green”, “Skin”, Blue-Yacht”, “Green-Jacket” or something similar
check the Curves for “Hue vs. Hue”, “Hue vs. Sat”, “Hue vs. Lum”:

If you see a Node labled as “LOG” & “LOG-Highlights”, “LOG -Blue” check the Log Wheels:

If you see a Node labled as “Desaturation” or “Desat” check the Curves “Lum Vs Sat”. I try to
avoid desaturation node. It is always better to balance the shadows / highlights using LGG or Log.
There is nothing wrong with using “Lum Vs Sat”, but it should be used carefully and subtly.

For “Grain” I use the Open FX Filter by Davinci Resolve.
“Vignette” is Vignette (Power Mask & Shadows / Midtone)

If you need support with the node tree contact me at: stefanATmonostepDOTorg