Where does the word "monostep" come from?
I remember the intro monostep by kolor and think this would also be a good name for a website.

Why is the demo "xyz" of the group "123" not on the site?
All productions listed are my personal favourites. For me there's no priority in listing "all" demos. You are welcome to drop me a mail if you want to offer me a good scene demo or intro ...if i like it, i will probably
add it ;) (you can write in german or english)

monostep are:
Diver : Webmaster, idea, html, design
FZool : Support
BenJam : Support


thanks fly to:

Erik Skodvin^Miasmah www.miasmah.com for the backimage
ojuice.net, scene.org, pouet.net

Links to get more info about the Demoscene:
Wikipedia: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demoscene